University of Minnesota
CSCI 5980/8980: Physics-Based Animation

Student presentations

Each student will give an about 20-minute presentation on a technical paper, followed by 10-15 minutes of class discussion. The presentation should clearly define the problem addressed by the work, describe the key ideas and novel contributions, and discuss the tradeoffs and limitations of the proposed approach. Here are some of the questions the presentation should try to answer:

  • Problem statement: What’s the problem the paper is trying to solve? What do we want from the solution? Why is that hard to achieve?
  • Method: What are the novel contributions of this work? Are there some fundamental insights that make this approach succeed?
  • Analysis: What are the tradeoffs this approach makes? What are the most significant drawbacks? How could they be addressed in future work?

Students taking this course as 8980 should also attempt to relate the presented paper to its broader context, as described in the syllabus.

There will also be peer evaluation of the presentations. If you are not presenting, you will write a brief critique of the presentation using a standard critique format, and it will be provided to the presenter (with your identity removed). The peer critique is part of the class participation component of your grade.

The final grade for the presentation will be based on my evaluation, which may also take into account the peer critique. The presentation counts for 30% of your overall grade, of which 20% will be based on the presentation content and organization, and 10% on the presentation delivery, as described in the critique format.

Tentative presentation schedule

Nov 3

Nov 10

Nov 12

Nov 17

Nov 24

Dec 1

Dec 3

If you’re off-campus, you can use the the UMN Libraries proxy bookmarklet to access papers in the ACM Digital Library and IEEE Xplore. Alternatively, using a search engine will usually turn up the authors’ web page, which usually has a copy of the paper.

Here’s the old list of suggested papers for presentations.