University of Minnesota
CSCI 8980: Physics-Based Animation

A0: Numerical Analysis


Starter code. To compile it, you will need the Eigen library.

Due Friday, Sep 16. Submission is on Moodle.

A1: Mass-Spring Systems and Time Integration


Starter code. To compile it, see the instructions near the end of the handout.

Due Monday, Oct 3. Submission is on Moodle.

A2: Collisions and Rigid Bodies


Starter code

Due Tuesday, Oct 25. Submission is on Moodle.

A3: (a) Elastodynamics with Finite Elements, or (b) Eulerian Fluid Simulation

  1. Handout, starter code

  2. Handout, starter code

Due Tuesday, November 22. Submission is on Moodle.