University of Minnesota
CSCI 8980: Physics-Based Animation

Before the presentation: Each student other than the presenter is expected to read the paper in advance and submit a short list of questions, comments, or issues raised by the paper. Questions may touch on specific technical details or raise broad philosophical concerns—anything that you believe deserves discussion or will improve your understanding of the paper. This will serve in lieu of the paper review mentioned in the syllabus.

Questions/comments/issues must be submitted on Moodle at least 48 hours before the presentation, that is, before 2 PM on Sunday or Tuesday. This is to allow the presenter enough time to incorporate them into their presentation.

Presentation format: Each presentation should be 18 to 20 minutes, followed by a class discussion. The presentation should clearly define the problem addressed by the work, describe the key ideas and novel contributions, and discuss the tradeoffs and limitations of the proposed approach. It should also attempt to relate the presented paper to its broader context, for example in terms of the state of the art at the time, fundamental concepts and problems discussed in the course, and/or potential applications.

Your two presentation count for 20% of the course grade, and the advance questions on others’ presented papers count for another 10%.

Tentative presentation schedule

November 8

November 10

November 17

November 22

November 29

December 1

Here’s the old list of suggested papers for presentations.