University of Minnesota
CSCI 8980: Physics-Based Animation

The final project counts towards 30% of your total grade for the course.

Project proposal (15%):

Due on Thursday, October 27. Submission will be on Moodle.

A 2 page summary of the proposed project in SIGGRAPH format. It should include the following parts:

  • Introduction: Define the problem you want to solve and/or phenomenon you want to simulate.
  • Related Work: Describe existing work related to the topic, including key advantages and limitations.
  • Proposed Method(s): Provide a technical description of the algorithms(s) you plan to use, and discuss why they are appropriate for your specific chosen problem.
  • Plan: Present a timeline for the tasks you will carry out to complete your project, including any significant difficulties you anticipate.
  • Goals: Describe what you expect to achieve as the final result, and the tests you will carry out to validate its accuracy, stability, or other desired properties.

Final presentation (15%):

Project presentations will take place on the last day of class: Tuesday, December 13.