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Fall 17: CSci 5421 - Adv. Algorithms & Data Structures


Welcome to the home page for CSci 5421--Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures. This page will evolve over the course of the semester to provide you with current information about the class. Please browse the links on the left and be sure to check this page regularly.

Homework 5 posted on Handouts page.
Extra lectures: We will need the two extra lectures that were mentioned as possibilities in the syllabus after all. These will be on Friday, 12/1 and Friday 12/8, from 8:15-9:30 a.m., in Keller 3-125 (this room is different from the regular lecture room). Please attend if possible. Lectures will be taped and made available without the 10-day delay.
Practice questions for Midterm 2 posted on Handouts page. Also, solutions for HW3 and HW4 are in a box outside 6-217 Keller.
Room change for Final: The new room is Keller 3-115 (next to the lecture room). The date and time are unchanged.
Homework 4 posted on Handouts page.
Homework 3 posted on Handouts page.
Practice questions for Midterm 1 posted on Handouts page. Also, solutions for HW1 and HW2 are in a box outside 6-217 Keller.
Homework 2 posted on Handouts page.
09/08/17 Enrollment update: Everyone who attended the first class and signed up for a permission number has been issued one and should get it by the end of the day today. Please check your email. The class is now closed. 
09/06/17 Homework 1 posted on Handouts page. (A solution to a sample problem is also posted to help you model your answers.)
08/24/17 Pages created. Content may change, so please be sure to check back closer to the start of the semester. See you in class, Wed., Sep. 6.