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Discrete Structures

CSci 2011: Discrete Structures

Exercises 8

All exercises below are from the course text, and have answers in the back of the book.

The exercises below are especially recommended as practice. Feel free to work with others if you wish. You are advised to attend recitation to have a supported problem solving session each week.

We encourage you to do enough practice that you are satisfied your understanding of each section is fluent. Warning: this may involve doing more exercises than those recommended here.

Come to office hours, there are plenty of them, and get discussion of the material or help solving problems. Get involved.

Note: many of the exercises is chapter 8 are very easy or involve material you should already be very familiar with. In general practice is only useful for you if the answers aren't immediately obvious, so move on to those for which this is so.






Look at the supplementary exercises for chapter 8 as follows, to build up more fluency. Read the chapter 8 highlights.