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Csci8001: Introduction to Research in Computer Science

CSci 8001: Schedule (still tentative and subject to change)



Readings or other Preparation

Items Due

Sep 6

Course Intro and Lifecycle of a Ph.D Student

Read the following "bits of advice" -- while many are dated, most are timeless and relevant today. [These sites may have repeated entries, and a lot of links are no longer working --- but remember Google is your best friend!]

You can also find a lot of useful and relevant advice and information on the web  --- it doesn't have to be specific to Computer Science.


Sep 13

How to be a Successful Graduate Student


Read the following:

   "How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia" by David Patterson

  "How to be a Good Graduate Student" by Marie desJardin

   "How to be a Good Graduate Student" by Grace Troupe

    Hints for Research Students


Sep 20

Epistemology:  How do we know things?


And more specifically, "How to Conduct Computer Science Research"

Read the following:

"Where Do Research Ideas Come From?" by Nick Feamster

"How to Criticize Computer Scientists" by Doug Comer


"Computational Thinking: What and Why" by  Jeannette M. Wing

[Youtube video]


Skim through some relevant sections on "Learning How to Do Research" and "Research Skills" in the following two collections of advice listed earlier:

read also (if you haven't done so):

  "How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia

   "How to Be a Leader in Your Field"

Sep 27

Guess Lecture by Prof. Catherine Zhao  Research in Computer Vision


Oct 4

  The Literature Review:  What is it, how do you read one?  How do you write one?

Read the following:
  How to Read a CS Research Paper, by Philip W.L. Fong, University of Regina.
  Literature Reviews from the University of North Carolina

Personal Statement

Due Oct 3

Oct 11

Publications in Computer Science: 
  Tech Reports, Workshops, Conferences, and Journals;  The Review Process 


Read the following:

  "The Task of the Referee" by Alan Jay Smith

  "Thoughts on Reviewing" by Mark Allman, and

  "Writing Reviews for Systems Conferences" by Timothy Roscoe


Oct 18

Writing Research

Please Read: ''Design: The Key to Writing (and Advising) a One-Draft PhD Thesis'' by late and beloved Prof. John Carlis who passed away early last year.

An interesting NYT Opinion Piece by Jane Roenzeig, director of the Writing Center at Harvard,  on how to write -- "The Whistle-Blower Knows How to Write" (here is a local copy of the Whistle-Blower's Complaint Document)

"Writing for Computer Science" by Dugan and Polanski

"Writing the Paper" and "Top Ten Reasons Your Papers Get Rejected" by Eamonn Keogh (see also SIGKDD'09 Tutorial)

"How to Write a Paper" by Emily Listman on WikiHow

"A Guide to Writing Mathematics" by Kevin Lee

See also Norman Ramsey's Resources for Writers for additional resources and tips on writing

Oct 25

Guess Lecture by Prof. Abhishek Chandra

Tentative: Research in Distributed and Cloud Systems

 Literature Review: Topic Due Oct 24

Nov 1

Guess Lecture by Prof. Steven Wu

Tentative: Research on Algorithmic Fairness


Nov 8

Guest Lecture: Wanda Marsolek
Engineering Liaison and Data Curation Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries
On Library Resources

Nov 15

Guess Lecture by Prof. Arindam Banerjee

Learning with Structure and Dependent Data

Literature Review: List of 10-15 Key Papers Due Nov 14

Nov 22

No Class (CS&E 50th Celebration)

Please attend the department's 50th Celebration Open House


Nov 29

Thanksgiving Break

 Eat healthy!

Dec 6  Working with Advisors and Committees;  etc.
Literature Review: Identification of Themes or Structure Due: Dec 5

Dec 13

Exam Week, No Class

Please work on your literature survey!

Note:  Final Literature Review Due January 21.