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Apr 2: Supporting materials (i.e. source code and additional documents) for Project #2 have been uploaded to [this directory].

Mar 31:  Project #2 Assignment has been posted. The due date is May 6 Friday. Please glance through the document and plan ahead of time.

Mar 31: Homework Written Assignment #2 has just been posted. It's due Friday 11:59pm April 22
After today's class, you should be able to do all the problems!  Please read it and get started as soon as possible.  Prof. Zhang will be holding an office hour next Thursday (Apr 7 4:30pm -5:30 pm).

Mar 9:  Take-Home Midterm Exam has just been emailed to you via the class Google mailing list (see here). The exam is due Friday 11:59pm March 11. We strongly prefer that you submit your exam electronically, namely, by emailing it to me and TA.  (Please read the instructions in the exam for details.)  Enjoy! 

Feb 22: Prof. Zhang's Office Hour have been postponed to Thursday Feb 24 4:30pm -5:30 pm

Feb 16: Updated/Revised Homework Assignment #1 [PDF],  and Due Date extended to Sunday Feb 27 11:59pm!
    A "mistake" in Problem 1 has been corrected: the arrival patterns as stated in Problem 1.b will lead to a long-term 100% throughput, as some of you have pointed out. Please use the new arrival pattern as stated in the revised version (if you have already finished Problem 1 using the old version, you do not need to re-do Problem 1 -- you'll receive the full credit. Nonetheless, if you have time, please take a look at the new arrival processes/patterns described in the updated version.) I also include some further hint for Problem 2.b.

Prof. Zhang will be holding another office hour on Wednesday Feb 23 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

Feb 13: Prof. Zhang's Office Hours on Wednesday Feb 16 4:30pm -5:30 pm
   Prof. Zhang will be holding an office hour on Wednesday Feb 16 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm to answer your questions on your Written homework assignment #1.

Feb 3: Written Homework Assignment #1 and Project I Description.
   Written homework assignment #1 [PDF] has been posted, due 11:59pm Feb 25 (Friday). Please work on the problem as soon as possible. An on-line submission link [SUBMIT] has been added on the navigation panel for your homework submission.

    Project I (Mobile Programming Project) Description [PDF] has been posted! Please read it carefully regarding various deadlines and deliverables. In addition, please log on the Project Wiki site using your x500 ID and start editing your team page.

Jan 28: Regarding Class Registration Again:
   For those students who are currently not registered, but attended the first & second lectures and submitted the class sign-up sheets (about 12 of you), we have supplied your name and student id's to the CSE Dept Frontdesk. You will receive an email from the CSE Dept Frontdesk with the "magic" # (permission #) for you to register for the course.

 Jan 27: Regarding Class Registration:
Based on the current enrollment information (and class sign-up sheets you have submitted), we may/should be able to let most of, if not all, those students who are currently not registered, but attended the first lecture and submitted the class sign-up sheets, to get in. We'll try our best to accommodate you, in particular, we'll try to see whether we can form 1 or 2 student project groups who will do mobile phone programming using Android phones or iPhones. Please do the survey in the item below (Jan 26 b)), it'll help us make decisions, thanks!

    We won't be able to make the final decision until we have collected the attendance information for Thursday (Jan 27)'s class.  In other words, we'll announce the final decision on Friday (Jan 28) morning here, so please stay tuned. For your information, if the space is limited, we'll give priority to graduate and undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science, and female students majoring in CS/EE.

Jan 26:  Getting Started for Project I: please do the following! 

a) A document [PDF] is written to help you get started with Project 1. Please try to follow the instructions inside and setup your development environment. (Note: Some students reported that they could not access the software site mentioned in section 2.1 of the document. If this happened to you, you can activate your MSDNAA membership using your CSE/IT Labs account, and download VS2010 pro from the MSDNAA site. This route may take days and you may want to browse the Hawaii site during the wait.)


b) In order to facilitate team forming and make decisions on the development platforms, a public spreadsheet [follow this link] has been created. Please fill in your information before our Thursday class this week, such that we can discuss the team forming issue in class.


Jan 13: This is a sample of how an urgent news item will look.

Jan 13: Welcome to Csci5221!  Page Initialized.