University of Minnesota
CSci 5109: Visualization
Schedule and Readings - Spring 2012

Please note that the University's ACM digital library and IEEE Explore subscriptions allow free access to all of the linked ACM and IEEE publications from any computer in the U of M domain. If you connect to the web from your computer at work or at home, you will need to use VPN to route the access request through a University account in order for these systems to recognize your eligibility to download the documents.
Week 1: Introduction to Visualization
  • Views on Visualization, by Jarke J. van Wijk, in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 12(4), July/August 2006, pp. 421-432.
Reading Report Form:
Week 2: Introduction to Perception (or, theories behind effectively encoding data values using visual features)
  • Visual Thinking for Design, chapters 1-2
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Weeks 3-4: Using Color Effectively in Visualization
  • Visual Thinking for Design, chapter 4
  • excerpt from Thematic Cartography and Visualization (pages 75-84)
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Weeks 5-6: Topics in Information Visualization
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Reading Report Form:
  • Innovation Trajectories for Information Visualizations: Comparing Treemaps, Cone Trees, and Hyperbolic Trees (due March 1st) [.doc] [.pdf]
Week 7: Multivariate Data Visualization
Week 8: Using Virtual Environments for Visualization
Week 9: Spring Break
Week 10: Flow Visualization
  • Overview of Flow Visualization, by Daniel Weiskopf and Gordon Erlebacher, in The Visualization Handbook, Charles D. Hansen and Christopher R. Johnson, eds., pp. 261-278.
Week 11: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Visualization
Week 12: Volume Rendering
Week 13: Perception and Representation of 3D Shape and Depth; Using 3D Effectively
Week 14: Visualizing Time-Series Data and Visualizing Uncertainty

Weeks 15-16: Final Project Presentations

    Tuesday April 24     9:45am     Peng Liu
    Tuesday April 24     9:54am     Evan Yakowicz
    Tuesday April 24     10:03am     Jeff Kerzner
    Tuesday April 24     10:12am     
    Tuesday April 24     10:21am     Nathan Volker
    Tuesday April 24     10:30am     Stephen McCray
    Tuesday April 24     10:39am     Jiankai Wu

    Thursday April 26     9:45am     
    Thursday April 26     9:54am     Jason Herrboldt
    Thursday April 26     10:03am     Mihir Nimbalkar
    Thursday April 26     10:12am     Xa Vang and Ping Hoang
    Thursday April 26     10:21am     Takahiro Sasaki
    Thursday April 26     10:30am     Joseph Downing
    Thursday April 26     10:39am     Sreekanth Narayanaswamy and Jayesh Iyer
    Thursday April 26     10:48am     Spencer Smith

    Tuesday May 1     9:45am     Daniel Selifonov
    Tuesday May 1     9:54am     Michael Jantscher
    Tuesday May 1     10:03am     Jung-Pil Shin
    Tuesday May 1     10:12am     Jon Bassen
    Tuesday May 1     10:21am     Elsa Dosh
    Tuesday May 1     10:30am     Eugene Sturm
    Tuesday May 1     10:39am     Eric Lobner
    Tuesday May 1     10:48am     Mai Anh Nguyen
    Tuesday May 1     5:30pm     Luke Parrott

    Thursday May 3     9:45am     Bill Tuohy
    Thursday May 3     9:54am     Sam Tucker
    Thursday May 3     10:03am     Kailash Ramanthan
    Thursday May 3     10:12am     Lian Duan
    Thursday May 3     10:21am     Rick Shimota
    Thursday May 3     10:30am     Vikram Reddy Donthi Reddy