University of Minnesota
CSci 5302 - Analysis of Numerical Algorithms

CSci 5302 Spring 2017

Announcements (most recent first)

  • 04/28/17: Reminder: Midterm on Thursday May 4. The following documents have been posted to the web site:

  • 04/19/17: HW5 posted, due May 02.

  • 04/04/17: HW4 posted, due Apr 20.

  • 03/22/17: In response to two requests, there is a proposal to change the date for Midterm II from April 6 to April 11. Submit your comments or objections to this idea this week through the Moodle discussion forum, by e-mail, or in class on 3/23.

  • 03/20/17: Due to another engagement, instructor office hours on Tuesday March 21 (tomorrow) will be moved to 10:30-11:30am.

  • 03/18/17: Due to the lack of office hours since this assignment was posted, the due date for HW3 is postponed to Thursday March 23.

  • 02/27/17: HW3 posted, due Mar 21. You will need the Matlab script natspline.m to compute the natural spline.

  • 02/18/17: Due to delays, question 3 on HW2 (the question with three nonlinear equations in three unknowns) should be handed in with the next homework (HW3).

  • 02/16/17: Reminder: there is an in-class midterm next Thursday Feb 23. Look in the Handouts folder for a Practice Midterm and a list of topics to be covered on the midterm.

  • 02/05/17: Last Thursday's Classroom Exercise 1 posted here. If you are on UNITE, please scan and e-mail/fax it to me (as well as UNITE) by Monday. I will post some answers on Monday afternoon.

  • 02/02/17: HW2 posted, due Feb 23.

  • 01/25/17: Yesterday's Classroom Exercise 0 posted here. If you are on UNITE, please scan and e-mail/fax it to me (as well as UNITE) today.

  • 01/19/17: HW1 posted, due Jan 31.

  • 01/19/17: schedule has been posted including exam dates. Please communicate any date conflicts within the next week.

  • 01/18/17: Office hours for the instructor & TA have been added to the syllabus.

  • 01/11/17: Important Announcements for the whole class will appear here, most recent first.