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CSci 2011H: Honors Discrete Structures of Comp. Sci.


Welcome to the home page for CSci 2011H--Honors Discrete Structures of Computer Science (Spring 2019). This page will evolve over the course of the semester to provide you with current information about the class schedule, readings, assignments, late-breaking news, etc. Please browse the links on the left for more information and be sure to check this page regularly.

Final Exam and Course Grades: The Final exam score and course grade can now be accessed via Moodle. The official course grade will appear on MyU in a day or two. 

Letter grades have been determined using the cutoffs published in the syllabus. As stated in the syllabus, the weighted average is not rounded up when determining letter grades, as this amounts to lowering the cutoffs. 

The Final has been graded carefully by the instructor and the TAs and the grading has been double-checked. Please note that the Final will not be reviewed for grade-improvement purposes.

The Final will be available in 6-217 Keller on Thursday, May 16, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Solutions for the Final are posted on Moodle.

Have a good summer!
Homework 9 and Quiz 4 solutions are posted on Moodle.
Homework 9 posted on Schedule page. (This Homework will not be graded.)
Homework 8 posted on the Schedule page. Also, the solution to Quiz 3 (and to all previous HWs and Quizzes) is available on Moodle.
Homework 7 posted on the Schedule page.
Homework 6 posted on the Schedule page.
Homework 5 posted on the Schedule page.
Homework 4 is posted on the Schedule page.
Homework 3 is posted on the Schedule page.
Quiz and homework solutions are posted on the Moodle page (and will continue to be posted there about a week after the quiz/hw is done).
Homework 2 is posted on the Schedule page.
Homework 1 is posted on the Schedule page.
Web page created. Information here is subject to change, so please check back closer to the start of the Spring semester. See you in class on Wed, Jan. 23 (9:05 a.m. in Amundson 240).