University of Minnesota
CSci 5302 - Analysis of Numerical Algorithms

CSci 5302 Spring 2020

Announcements (most recent first)

  • 02/20/20: Reminder: Midterm on Monday Feb 24. An sample old midterm was posted at mid1-16s-practice.pdf, and a list of topics to be covered is listed in Readings.txt. The exam itself is open book/notes, as long as the material is on paper. No calculators or electronic devices allowed.

  • 02/13/20: Quizzes 2, 3, 4 have been posted to Handouts. If you have not submitted these already, either on paper in class or electronically, please submit electronically by Friday 2/14/20 for full credit.

  • 02/04/20: Homework 2 has been updated (fix error, extend due date).

  • 01/31/20: Instructor office hours next week: Mon 2/3 2pm and Wed 2/5 10am. No TA office hours on Tue 2/11.

  • 01/29/20: Homework 2 due Mon Feb 10, has been posted.

  • 01/14/20: Important Announcements for the whole class will appear here, most recent first.