University of Minnesota
Csci8001: Introduction to Research in Computer Science

CSci 8001 and 8002: Assignments (tentative, due dates may be subject to changes)

Over the course of the full year, this course has three assignments, some of which have intermediate deliverables:

  • Assignment #1: Research Statement -- similar like the "Personal Statement"  you wrote when you applied for the Ph.D graduate program, but further expanded and more focused.
    • Due: October 3


  • Assignment #2:  Literature Review -- This assignment involves finding, reading, and writing an analytical review of research literature in an area of your choosing.
    • Topic -- Due:  October 24
    • List of 10-15 Key Papers -- Due:  November 14
    • Identification of themes or structure around which your review will be built -- Due:  December 5
    • Literature review -- Due: January 21

 I strongly encourage you to begin now to organize your literature.  Look here for available software:


  • Assignment #3:  Research Questions -- This assignment involves developing a set of research questions in an area of your choosing.
    • Version #1 Due:  Feb 7
    • Version #2 Due:  Feb 21
  • Assignment #4:  Research Proposal and Plan -- This assignment involves developing a detailed proposal for roughly 6 months of research, including a plan for carrying it out.
    • Version #1 Due:  Mar 13 (up to 5 pages, excluding references)
    • Version #2 Due:  Apr 24 (up to 8 pages, excluding references)
    • Brief Presentations of Research Proposals:  Apr 30 & May 1 (tentative: venue TBA)

More detail on each assignment will be provided as the due date approaches.