University of Minnesota
Csci8001: Introduction to Research in Computer Science

CSci 8002: Schedule (still tentative and subject to change)



Readings or other Preparation

Items Due

Jan 24

Re-Intro; Internships
and Summer Experiences to Get; Networking: Building a Professional Network
Read:  Networking on the Network and Demystifying Networking While in Graduate School

"Re-introduction" Lecture Notes  (and Lectures on "Networking on the Net")


Jan 31

Guest Lecture on AR/VR by Prof. Evan Suma Rosenberg

Tentative Title: Making Small Spaces Feel Large: Practical Illusions in Virtual Reality


Feb 7

 Research Questions
  Please read the article "Choosing a Computer Science research problem" and "Research Methods in Computer Science: The Challenges and Issues" by Hossein Hassani

Please also re-read "How to have a bad career in research/academia"

 Lecture Notes on "Research Questions"
 Research Question v.1

Feb 14

  Guest Lecture on Mobile Computing by Prof. Feng Qian
 An Overview of Mobile Computing and System Research


Feb 21

  Feedback on Literature Survey

  Lecture Notes on "Literature Survey Feedback"

Research Question v.2

Feb 28

 Writing a Proposal

Some useful readings (more for writing proposals to funding agencies, but similar messages apply to your "research proposal"  and the last one provides general writing advice on writing for computer science):
  "Sample Organization for a Non-discipline-specific Research Proposal"
  "Template or Master Plan for Your Proposal"
   "On the Art of Writing Proposals"
   "How to Fail in Grant Writing"
  "A Guide to Proposal Planning and Writing"
   "Writing Winning Grants"

 Lecture Notes on "Writing a Proposal"  (also "Elements of a Grant Proposal")


Mar 6

 Guest Lecture by Prof. Dan Knights

Lecture Title "Applications of Computing in Metagenomics"

Mar 13

Spring Break (No Class): Enjoy!

 Research Proposal  v.1 (up to 5 pages)

Mar 20

  Session with CS Ph.D Students (or Guest Lecture)


Mar 27
  Session with Past Graduate Students or   Guest Lecture

Apr 3

  How to Give a Talk

Apr 10

  Feedback on Proposal


Apr 17

  Guest Lecture by Prof. Junaed Sattar

 Talk Title "Perception, Learning, and Systems for Underwater Human-Robot Collaboration"


Apr 24  
  No Class: finalizing your research proposal and preparing for your class   presentation in the following week

Research Proposal v.2 (up to 8 pages)

Apr 30/ May 1

  Proposal Presentations (we'll need to add an extra class on Thursday Apr 30 or May 1 (and a new venue) for class presentation