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Typesetting your papers: information on LaTeX.

Typesetting your papers: basic LaTeX instructions.

To get started with Latex, create a file, let's call it myfile.tex, that countains the following:
\documentclass[11pt]{article}  % 11 points is a good size
\usepackage{fullpage}          % more lines and longer lines per page
\author{your name}
\maketitle                     % generates the title
.....  whatever you want to write.  To divide into sections use something like
To generate the output run
latex myfile
To preview the output use
xdvi myfile
Repeat this until you are satisfied. To generate the postscript file do
dvips -tletter myfile -o myfile.ps
Convert to pdf by doing
ps2pdf myfile.ps
You can easily generate bibliographic citations, by creating a bibliography file (.bib), specifying in your document what style you want, for instance
and the name of your bibliography file
and running
bibtex myfile
After running bibtex, you need to run latex again twice (latex goes through your file once, so forward references cannot be filled in a single pass).
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