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    bullet MWF 10:10 -- 11:00 (01/16/2018 - 04/06/2018) -- Blegen Hall 10

Discussion Sections

  bullet Section 02: Tu 10:10am -- 11:00am,   Amundson Hall 240
  bullet Section 03: Tu 11:15am -- 12:05pm,   Amundson Hall 240
  bullet Section 04: Tu 12:20am -- 1:10pm,   Amundson Hall 240


  bullet Yousef Saad e-mail: saad at cs dot umn dot edu
  bullet Office: 5-225B Keller Hall -- Office Phone: (612)624-7804

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This course is an introduction to linear algebra and matrix computations for computer scientists. It covers the fundamentals of linear algebra (vectors, matrices, determinants, rank, eigenvalues, ...), as well as standard algorithms for solving common matrix problems (linear systems, eigenvalue problems, least squares systems, ...). The main emphasis of the course is to provide you with a solid foundation in linear algebra and matrix computations. It is a very important course because Linear Algebra plays a central role in many computer science areas (computer graphics, data mining, robotics, networking, ...). One of the stated goals of csci2033 is to show a few real world illustrations of the use of matrix computations, often taken from computer science.