University of Minnesota
CSci 5302 - Analysis of Numerical Algorithms

CSci 5302 Spring 2018

Announcements (most recent first)

  • 05/06/18: In response to a few requests, here is a collection of exercises regarding the DFT.

  • 05/05/18: Office hours: Monday May 7 @ 2pm (T.A.), Tuesday May 8 @ 9:30am (Instructor).

  • 05/02/18: Midterm 3 will take place May 8 at 4pm. It will be a third midterm (75 minutes) covering only materials since the section on Least Squares. See detailed list in the Reading List.

  • 04/23/18: Homework 5 posted, due Tuesday May 1.

  • 03/29/18: Midterm on Thursday April 5 in class; Readings updated to reflect topics on exam.

  • 03/29/18: Homework 4 posted, due April 19.

  • 02/25/18: Readings corresponding to Lectures, plus list of topics for Midterm I taking place on Thursday, March 1, 2018.

  • 02/06/18: Homework 2 posted, due February 22. (The last question may be adjusted).

  • 01/28/18: All homeworks should be submitted either on paper, or through Canvas. The Canvas website for this class has not been completely configured and some instructions are missing. But you are still responsible for submitting your homework by the due date either on paper or uploaded as a single PDF file. Any other format may be unreadable or not rendered as you intended. In particular, do not submit word files.

  • 01/28/18: Quiz 1 posted.

  • 01/19/18: Quiz 1 posted (includes in-class correction). UNITE students should e-mail answers to instructor or submit through UNITE.

  • 01/18/18: Homework 1 posted, due January 30.

  • 01/11/18: Important Announcements for the whole class will appear here, most recent first.