University of Minnesota
Introduction to Distributed Systems


1/30/19: Due to the university closure, the lecture and office hours on Thu 1/31 are cancelled.

1/28/19: Due to the dangerously cold conditions, the lecture and office hours on Tue 1/29 are cancelled.

1/22/19: An Additional Reading page has been added. Please refer to the OS and Networking background material provided there to cover the background material required for this class.

1/22/19: A link to HW0 has been added to the Schedule. Please solve this to get an idea of the background knowledge expected for this class. This HW will not be graded and no submission is required.

1/21/19: Links have been added to Course Work and a Tentative Schedule. Also a Canvas site has been set up. Please check these out. More information would be added soon.

1/10/19: Welcome to CSCI 5105! Please check the information link for class information. The class website would be updated soon with more details.