Class Schedule

    bullet Tu-Th 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM in Akerman Hall 227


    bullet Yousef Saad e-mail: saad at cs dot umn dot edu
    bullet Office: 5-225B EE/CS bldg -- Office Phone: (612)624-7804

Office Hours

    bullet Mo Tu 1:30 pm -- 2:30 pm

Course goals

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This course is an introduction to sparse matrix techniques with an emphasis on solving sparse linear systems of equations and eigenvalue problems. The course will cover sparse direct methods as well as iterative methods for solving linear systems. There will also be a coverage of other topics related to sparse matrix computations. Part of the discussions will be lead by students taking the class. About 1/3 of the course will be devoted to sparse direct methods and another 1/3 to iterative methods. The rest will be devoted to discussed sparsity in general, eigenvalue problems, applications, software, and parallel implementations.

See syllabus for details.