For your project, you can choose any problem that requires some of the algorithms and methods we are studying in class or, more in general, that requires some intelligence.


  1. The project can be done alone or in a group of two.
  2. Your project should include:
  3. A short proposal (around 500 words) is due March 25 as Writing 4. The proposal should include:
  4. The literature review part for the project is due April 15 as Writing 5.
  5. The final project report is due April 29.
    The report should be 10-12 pages long, and written using Latex. It should include:
  6. Each student is expected to spend approximatively 50 hours on the project, including the initial research, programming and evaluation, and writings. The scope of the project should reflect this level of effort.
  7. You do not need to include the source code of the program(s) you wrote/used. The project will be evaluated on the report, so please make sure you say in the report if you used publicly available code or wrote your own and give an idea of the complexity of the code.


Ideas for Project

Here are some ideas for your project. These are only suggestions and you are free to propose any other project of your own choice. Any AI related topic is fine. If you are not sure, ask me.

Help for Literature Search

Avoiding Plagiarism

There is a very good web site that will help you understanding if you are plagiarizing others work in your report. Take a look at it. The page for students has some very clear definitions.

Typesetting your paper

Information on LaTeX.
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