University of Minnesota
Security and Privacy in Computing

Readings on: Cryptographic proofs and zero-knowledge

Optional background reading: Nir Bitansky, Ran Canetti, Alessandro Chiesa, and Eran Tromer. “From extractable collision resistance to succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge, and back again”. In Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science, January 2012.

Candidate main reading: Bryan Parno, Jon Howell, Craig Gentry, and Mariana Raykova. “Pinocchio: Nearly Practical Verifiable Computation̵. In IEEE Security and Privacy, May 2013.
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Main reading for Tuesday, February 27th: Benedikt Bünz, Jonathan Bootle, Dan Boneh, Andrew Poelstra, Pieter Wuille, and Greg Maxwell. “Bulletproofs: Short Proofs for Confidential Transactions and More”. In IEEE Security and Privacy, May 2018.
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Main reading for Thursday, February 29th: Tiancheng Xie, Jiaheng Zhang, Zerui Cheng, Fan Zhang, Yupeng Zhang, Yongzheng Jia, Dan Boneh, and Dawn Song. “zkBridge: Trustless Cross-chain Bridges Made Practical”. In ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), November 2022.
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