CSci 4511 - Writing 2

Writing 2 -- due Thursday February 8

This writing will be graded out of 10 points. It will count 3% of the class grade.
For this writing you will write a report on
Christopher Wilt, Jordan Thayer, and Wheeler Ruml A Comparison of Greedy Search Algorithms Proc. Third Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search, July 2010.
  1. Your writing should be approximatively 500 words.
  2. When writing, avoid simply rehashing the abstract of the paper or writing many pages paraphrasing the paper. Use your own words and summarize the ideas presented in a clear and concise way. Make sure you understand the key concepts presented in the paper.
  3. Here are suggestions for what to cover in your summary/review:
    1. What problem are the authors trying to solve?
    2. What are the novel contributions stated in the paper by the authors?
    3. For what type of problems is the algorithm appropriate?
    4. Do the authors validate their approach experimentally or theoretically?
    5. If the validation is done experimentally, are the experimental results sufficient to demonstrate the power of the algorithm? Are the datasets used in the experimental work available for others to use?
    6. Is the paper clearly written and easy to follow? is the algorithm described clearly so it is possible to implement it and replicate the results?
    7. What did you find most interesting? Do you think this algorithm will be useful? for what problems?
  4. You need to include in your paper at least 5 bibliographical references of the following five different types: a book, a book chapter, a conference paper, a journal article, and technical report or thesis. When you look for references, make sure you check where the paper was published, so you include citations of all those different types. You have to format the references using bibtex. You can look at for details on how to do bibliographies in Latex.
  5. The writing has to be done using latex. You need to submit the pdf file produced by latex.
Grading criteria:
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