CSci 4511 - Writing 3

Writing 3 -- due Thursday February 22

This writing will be graded out of 10 points. It will count 2% of the grade.
This writing is to help you get familiar with some features of latex you will need for your project report and to reflect on a potential use of technology. Read this short science fiction story: Here-and-Now by Ken Liu.
Write aproximatively 500 words (using Latex) on what you think about the science fiction story. Consider the following questions:
  1. From a technology point of view, do you think the App used in the story could be created using our current technology?
  2. If the app was available, would you use it? Why (or why not)?
  3. Do you see any ethical issue in using it? if yes, list a few. If not explain why not.
In this writing you need to include at least one table and one figure.

Grading criteria: 30% for the document organization and content, 20% for English correctness, 10% for using Latex and bibtex, 20% for including at least one figure, 20% for including at least one table.

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