CSci 4511 - Writing 5

Writing 5 -- due Thursday April 19

This writing will be graded out of 10 points. It will count 3% of the grade.

This writing is part of your final project report. In your project report you need to include 2-3 pages (not including the references) of literature review of publications that are relevant to your project.
The literature review should include 8-10 relevant references with their full bibliographic citations. References should be from reputable sources, such as journals, books, or refereed conference proceedings. Cite manuscripts, technical reports, and other non refereed material only if relevant to your work (for instance, they provide the main idea you use in your project).
What is important in the literary review is to show mastery of the relevant work done by others on the topic of your project. The literature review should be an overview of the field with attention paid to the most important papers closely related to your work. Make sure that some of your references you cite are recent, since you need to be on top of what is the state of the art in the area of your project. No academic work is published without some review of the relevant literature.

Before you start writing, read Resources and Tips for Writing a Literature Review, prepared by previous TAs. It points to useful handouts on how to write a literature review and to some samples.

If there is more than one student in the team, you can submit a single literature review paper but you need to specify the contribution to the literature review of each team member.

You will not be able to resubmit this writing for regrading, but you will receive feedback on this writing, so you'll be able to use the feedback to improve the version of this writing that you will include in your final project report.

Grading criteria:
10% organization of the document (structure of the document),
60% coverage of the literature (coverage of the subject topic, sufficient number of citations, relevance of the citations, good understanding of the subject),
20% writing style (good flow of ideas, clarity of writing, grammatical correctness and no spelling errors),
10% use of latex/bibtex with complete citations and correct use of bibtex.

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