University of Minnesota
CSCI4041: Algorithms
  • 12/14 The location of the final examination has been changed to a bigger classroom, Willey 175.

  • 12/14 The final examination will cover topics only the topics from the course connected to chapter 2, chapter 6, chapter 7, §8.1, chapter 9, §15.2, §15.3, §15.4, §16.1, §16.2, §16.3, §21.3, §22.1, chapter 23, §24.3, §25.1, §25.2. It will be open book and notes, but no electronic devices.

  • 11/24 The seventh assignment has been posted.

  • 11/17 The sixth assignment has been posted.

  • 11/17 Carl's office hours have changed to add Tuesdays at 4pm.

  • 11/2 The fifth assignment has been posted.

  • 10/24 Assignment 4 is now extended & due late Saturday 10/30.

  • 10/20 The midterm examination will cover only the topics from the start of the course found in chapters 2, 6, 7, §8.1, 9. Note that the midterm will be held in the classroom in place of the usual lecture. It will be open book and notes, but no electronic devices.

  • 10/19 Carl's office hours have changed.

  • 10/15 The fourth assignment has been posted.

  • 10/6 The third assignment has been posted.

  • 9/22 The second assignment has been posted.

  • 9/16 The first assignment has been posted.

  • 9/13 Office hours are now posted. If you want to attend Zahra's online office hours email her to get the Zoom link for those.

  • 9/5 Lecture is 11:15am–12:30pm Tu/Th Keller 3-210 (edited the “Office Hours” page where an incorrect time was stated).

  • 9/5 UNITE will stream lectures in real time and record them and make the recordings available with minimal delay. See the link on the left menu directly to the viewing location for this class. This class does not have an attendance policy.

  • 9/5 The COVID part of the syllabus has been added and linked to on the left. Read all of this and follow its links to be sure you fully understand the situation and what is expected of you.

  • 9/3 Make sure that you can attend the midterm and the final examinations using the Examination Schedule in accordance with the syllabus.

  • 9/3 The Assignment Calendar contains links to the assignments. These are not yet specified. When an assignment is posted, an announcement will be made, and its link in the Assignment Calendar will become active.

  • 9/3 The links on the left “Submit Assignment” and “Grading and Grades” are not yet operational.

  • 9/3 Read the syllabus closely—you will be assumed to have done this: ignorance is not an excuse.