University of Minnesota
CSCI4041: Algorithms
  • 12/12 The location of the final exam has been posted on the calendar.

  • 12/4 The third exercise on the current assignment has had “digraph” corrected to “graph”.

  • 12/1 The seventh assignment has been posted.

  • 11/16 The sixth assignment has been posted.

  • 11/2 The fifth assignment has been posted.

  • 10/24 The fourth assignment has been posted.

  • 10/24 Maryam's office hours have changed location.

  • 10/24 The final exam date and time are confirmed. The location will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

  • 10/17 The midterm will be confined to the topics in lecture associated with Binary heaps, sorting and selection and the associated parts of the textbook (chapters 6,7,9, §2.3) and you may be asked to solve a recurrence relation.

  • 10/17 The syllabus has been adjusted to list chapters and sections in the 4th edition of the class textbook.

  • 10/6 Maryam's office hours have changed slightly.

  • 10/5 The third assignment has been posted.

  • 9/26 Exercise 5 on the second assignment has been rewritten so that there are a total of \(n\) items to merge. Please read carefully.

  • 9/21 The second assignment has been posted.

  • 9/14 The first assignment has been posted.

  • 9/1 Note that there is no discussion held the first week of teaching.

  • 9/1 Make sure that you can attend the midterm and the final examinations using the Examination Schedule in accordance with the syllabus.

  • 9/1 The Assignment Calendar contains links to the assignments. These are not yet specified. When an assignment is posted, an announcement will be made, and its link in the Assignment Calendar will become active.

  • 9/1 The links on the left “Submit Assignment” and “Grading and Grades” are not yet operational.

  • 9/1 Read the syllabus closely—you will be assumed to have done this: ignorance is not an excuse.

  • Welcome to Algorithms. This is the most important class in computer science and engineering, as strongly suggested by this prerequisite chart. It is not an accident that tech companies ask interview questions about algorithms. Taught properly with this in mind it is also the most difficult required undergraduate class.