University of Minnesota
CSci5105: Introduction to Distributed Systems

Reading and Resources

This page contains additional reading material as well as other resources such as online tutorials. The relevant material for each lecture will be indicated on the Schedule page, and you are highly encouraged to read these materials in addition to your textbook reading. More emphasis has been put on providing material for those topics that are not covered in the textbook comprehensively (Also Note: Some old papers are not available online, but references have been provided so that you can look for physical copies, e.g., in the library). Mandatory papers are in bold, other optional papers are also listed. This list is likely to change, particularly for topics marked with an *.


  1. [COM1] RPC Tutorial

  2. [COM2] Java RMI documentation

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  5. [COM5] Java RMI examples 1 2

  6. [COM6] RPC Tutorial 2

  7. [COM7] RPC example step by step

  8. [COM8] Beej's Guide to Network Programming (C/C++)

  9. [COM9] Java Socket Programming Examples


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Clock Synchronization and Event Ordering

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Data Replication, Consistency Models

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Distributed Computing

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Fault Tolerance

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Classic Design

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Cool Techniques

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Distributed File Systems

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Distributed Mobile

  1. [M1] MAUI: Making Smartphones Last Longer with Code Offload, E. Cuervo et al, ACM MobiSys 2010.

  2. [M2] Tactics-Based Remote Execution for Mobile Computing, R. Balan et al, MobiSys 2003

Distributed Data-Intensive Computing

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