University of Minnesota
CSci 5106: Programming Languages

CSci 5106 - Programming Languages - Fall 2018

If you have questions about to course, please contact the instructor, Eric Van Wyk, at

The course is currenlty full, but there is space on the wait list. Please note the following:

  • In the past, I have been able to get everyone into the course that wants in. Unfortunately there are students who register for several courses with the intention of dropping those that they later decide not to take. This is annoying now, but it does mean that spots will open up.

  • On the first day of class I will be taking attendance and those on the wait list that are not in class will be dropped from the wait list.

  • Similarly, students who are enrolled but do not attend will forfeit their spot in the class.

  • If you are an undergraduate student that needs this course to graduate and to fulfill the requirements of the SE/PL track then please email me so that I can take this into account.

  • You can also take this course via UNITE. Lectures are recorded and you can watch them online. The homeworks and exams are the same. There is an extra fee that must be paid to take the course this way, but if you need it to graduate and I cannot get you into the course, then this might be appealing to you.

  • If you are an incoming graduate student interested in research in programming languages then I ask that you also email me. This is also something that is taken into account in assigning any spots that will open up. A few seats have been reserved for incoming graduate students.

You might consider buying a used version of the course text book: Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs (2nd Edition) by Ravi Sethi (Addison Wesley). This course has used this text for several years and there are many copies around. You might also try the following online retailers.