University of Minnesota
CSci 5103: Operating Systems

Announcements for CSci 5103

09/03/2019 Welcome to CSci 5103 Operating Systems.
09/09/2019 No office hour on Monday(09/09) this week.
09/12/2019 HW1 is out.
09/15/2019 In case it was not clear, hw #1 is to be done without use of the Internet/Web to search. Please insert a statement signifying this in your answer sheet.
09/17/2019 The office hour on Wednesady is moved to Keller Hall 2-246 from this week.(still 1pm to 3pm)
09/20/2019 No office hour on Monday in the coming week.
09/29/2019 Form groups for project1(three people is recommended), use Canvas to find each other.
10/01/2019 Project 1 is out, check Canvas for writeup and sample code.
10/03/2019 For more information about setjmp and longjpm, check this link
10/06/2019 Office hour on tomorrow(10/07/2019) will be shifted to 11:30am to 1:30pm.
10/03/2019 HW2 is out.
10/07/2019 HW1 solution is out.
10/07/2019 In the future, homework and solutions will be posted in both the website and the Canvas/Files homeworks folder.
10/08/2019 Due date of homework 2 is extended to next Monday, Oct. 14.
10/21/2019 Exam #1 is moved to Tuesday Oct. 29, normal class time.
10/24/2019 Project 2 is posted, you can download source code from Canvas.
10/24/2019 Note for exam 1 is posted.
10/31/2019 Homework 3 is out.
12/2/2019 The line for Linux Device Driver is here