University of Minnesota
Introduction to Computer Security

Course schedule overview

The scheduling and selection of lecture topics is subject to minor adjustment as the semester progresses, but the assignment and exam dates are not expected to change.

DateLecture topicAssignments due
Tuesday 1/22Introduction and logistics
Thursday 1/24Part 1 overview: security failures in action
Tuesday 1/29Low-level vulnerabilities
Thursday 1/31Low-level attack techniques
Friday 2/1 HA1 attack 1 (postponed)
Tuesday 2/5 Low-level defenses and counter-attacks 1
Wednesday 2/6 Project pre-proposal
Thursday 2/7 Low-level defenses and counter-attacks 2
Friday 2/8 HA1 attack 2 (postponed)
Tuesday 2/12Defensive programming and design 1
Wednesday 2/13Exercise set 1
Thursday 2/14Defensive programming and design 2
Friday 2/15HA1 attack 3 (postponed)
Tuesday 2/19Access control basics
Thursday 2/21Information-flow and mandatory access control
Friday 2/22HA1 attack 4 (postponed)
Monday 2/25Project progress report #1
Tuesday 2/26Protection, isolation, and assurance
Wednesday 2/27Exercise set 2
Thursday 2/28Part 2 overview: protocols and attacks
Friday 3/1 HA1 attack 0
Tuesday 3/5 In-class midterm exam
Thursday 3/7 Symmetric cryptography
Friday 3/8 HA1 attack 1
Tuesday 3/12Public-key cryptography
Thursday 3/14"S" protocols for the Internet
Friday 3/15 HA1 attack 2 and design
Tuesday 3/19No class, spring break
Thursday 3/21No class, spring break
Friday 3/22HA1 bonus attacks
Tuesday 3/26Web security: server side
Wednesday 3/27Exercise set 3
Thursday 3/28Web security: client side
Friday 3/29HA1 bonus attacks
Monday 4/1 Project progress report #2
Tuesday 4/2 Crypto and protocol failures
Thursday 4/4 Security middleboxes
Tuesday 4/9 Malware and network DoS
Wednesday 4/10Exercise set 4
Thursday 4/11Privacy-enhancing network overlays
Friday 4/12Hands-on assignment 2
Monday 4/15Hands-on assignment 2
Tuesday 4/16Usability of security
Thursday 4/18Application: electronic voting
Friday 4/19Project progress report #3
Tuesday 4/23Lecture catchup
Wednesday 4/24Exercise set 5
Thursday 4/25Project presentations 1
Tuesday 4/30Guest lecture: quantitative information flow
Thursday 5/2 Project presentations 2, last class
Monday 5/6 Project final report
Thursday 5/9 Final exam 4:00pm-6:00pm

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