University of Minnesota
CSCI2033: Linear Algebra
  • 5/4 The final exam will be on chapters 1 through 6 and associated lecture and discussion, but will NOT include §6.3, §6.5. There will be no geometry questions about areas or volumes, and no questions about SVD.

  • 4/21 The locations of the final exam are now posted on the calendar. Note that the final examination is split between two rooms. The room you will take your final exam in is based upon the first letter of your family name / surname, as indicated on the calendar, where A–L means A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L and M–Z means M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z. Be careful to go to the room assigned to you else we may ignore your attempt at the final examination.

  • 4/19 Here is the eleventh list of recommended exercises.

  • 4/15 We have now covered chapter 5 entirely.

  • 4/6 Here is the tenth list of recommended exercises.

  • 3/31 We have now covered chapter 4 entirely.

  • 3/31 Exercises for §4.3 have now been added.

  • 3/30 Here is the ninth list of recommended exercises. The exercises for §4.3 will be added to that page soon, and an announcement made.

  • 3/25 Here is the eighth list of recommended exercises. This includes some harder exercises from chapter 3, in preparation for future quizzes.

  • 3/25 We have now covered chapter 3 completely, and §4.1.

  • 3/13 Here is the seventh list of recommended exercises. This includes some harder exercises from chapter 2, in preparation for future quizzes.

  • 3/3 We have now covered §3.1. Note: the uses of the notion of a subspace are pervasive and of widespread importance, so take chapter 3 particularly seriously.

  • 3/2 Here is the sixth list of recommended exercises.

  • 2/25 We have covered §2.4, §2.5, §2.7, and only in discussion §2.6.

  • 2/24 Here is the fifth list of recommended exercises.

  • 2/16 Now the textbook is at last available, do some reading. We have covered §1.1, §1.2, §1.3 and §2.1, §2.2, §2.3.

  • 2/16 Quiz 4 will cover up to and including §2.3.

  • 2/16 Here is the fourth list of recommended exercises.

  • 2/7 Here is the third list of recommended exercises.

  • 2/3 Here is the second list of recommended exercises.

  • 1/25 Here is the first list of recommended exercises. Some of these will be addressed in discussion today.

  • 1/23 Office hours and Discussions are now posted. Note that discussions are now all online, follow the Zoom links on the Office hours page.

  • 1/23 You will receive an email from me soon about how to proceed with doing work for the class until the book arrives.

  • 1/23 I've decided to cancel quiz 1 because of the late arrival of the textbook. We'll invent a scheme to ensure this doesn't have a bad effect on your grade.

  • 1/20 The start times of discussions have been corrected on the Office Hours page.

  • 1/16 A link to an addendum to the syllabus concerning COVID-19 has been added to the left. Be sure you've read and understood it.

  • 1/6 Make sure that you can attend the quizzes and the final examination using the Examination Schedule in accordance with the syllabus. Quizzes are 20 minutes long and will be held at the start of the class in which they are scheduled.

  • 1/6 The link on the left “Grading and Grades” is not yet operational. An announcement here will be made when this is so.

  • 1/6 Read the syllabus closely—you will be assumed to have done this: ignorance is not an excuse.