University of Minnesota
CSCI5421: Advanced Algorithms
  • 5/4 The final exam will be confined to the following chapters and sections and the associated lectures. §4.2, §4.5, Problem 30-1, §15.2, §15.3, §15.4, Problem 15-4, Problem 15-5, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, §21.3, Chapter 19.

  • 4/21 The seventh assignment has been posted.

  • 4/21 The location of the final exam is now posted on the calendar.

  • 4/11 The first exercise on the sixth assignment was posted incorrectly—this is now fixed.

  • 4/11 The sixth assignment has been posted.

  • 3/26 The fifth assignment has been posted.

  • 3/13 The fourth assignment has been posted.

  • 2/15 The third assignment has been posted.

  • 2/3 The second assignment has been posted.

  • 1/23 The first assignment has been posted.

  • 1/16 A link to an addendum to the syllabus concerning COVID-19 has been added to the left. Be sure you've read and understood it.

  • 1/12 The lectures will be both streamed and recorded by UNITE. Use the link to the left to get access.

  • 1/6 Make sure that you can attend the midterm and the final examinations using the Examination Schedule in accordance with the syllabus.

  • 1/6 The Assignment Calendar contains links to the assignments. These are not yet specified. When an assignment is posted, an announcement will be made here, and its link in the Assignment Calendar will become active.

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  • 1/6 Read the syllabus closely—you will be assumed to have done this: ignorance is not an excuse.