University of Minnesota
CSCI2033: Linear Algebra
  • 5/2 The final examination is essentially three quizzes back-to-back, open book and notes, no electronic devices, i.e. administered just like a quiz.

  • 4/20 The final exam location has been put on the Assignment Calendar linked to on the left.

  • 4/11 Sameen's office hours are now in Lind 103.

  • 2/14 Harshitha's link for office hours has changed.

  • 1/23 Office hours have been specified on the Office Hours page linked on the left.

  • 1/19 Read “To the Student” in the textbook. A listing of reading and recommended exercises has been posted here and linked on the left menu and will be updated per lecture. Keep up! First quiz next week.

  • 1/15 Discussion sections will NOT be held during the first week of the semester.

  • 1/15 Make sure that you can attend the quizzes and the final examination using the Examination Schedule in accordance with the syllabus. Quizzes are 40 minutes long and will be held at the start of the class in which they are scheduled.

  • 1/15 The link on the left “Grading and Grades” is not yet operational. An announcement here will be made when this is so.

  • 1/15 Read the syllabus closely—you will be assumed to have done this: ignorance is not an excuse.