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    bullet 08:15am --9:30am . - MW: KHKH 3-115


    bullet Yousef Saad e-mail: saad =at= umn
    bullet Office: Keller H. 5-225B -- Office Phone: (612)624-7804

Teaching Assistant:

    bullet Sijie He [ hexxx893 =at= umn ]

Office Hours

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Yousef Saad Mo Tu 1:30 pm -- 2:30pm Keller H. 5-225B
Sijie He We Fr 10:00 -- 11:00am Keller H. 2-209

Short description of course: Line

This course introduces the basic numerical techniques of linear algebra. The emphasis of the course is on the design of these algorithms and their analysis, with some coverage of related applications to motivate and support the material. Because of this emphasis, it requires a good background in mathematics, and more specifically in linear algebra. For a detailed description see the syllabus
At the minimum the students in this class should be familiar with linear algebra and matrices at the level of csci 2033. A knowledge of matlab is assumed as this will constitute the only language used for programming and testing algorithms in the class.
Relations with csci 5302: CSCI 5302 used to be a prerequisite for this class but this is no longer the case now. Having taken 5302 will help -- at least from the perspective that you would have acquired a better understanding of numerical methods in general. The overlap between the two courses is minimal. They are in fact complementary and taking the two courses will give the student an excellent coverage of numerical methods.