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CSci 5521 Sec 002 - Intro to Machine Learning

CSci 5521 sec 002 -- Fall 2018

Announcements (most recent first)

  • 12/06/18: Instructor extra office hours: I will hold extra office hours Friday 12/07/18 10-11 (end time is strict).

  • 12/01/18: Here is a list of topics for the third midterm.

  • 11/30/18: Reminder: In-class Midterm Exam will be given on December 12. A pointer to the list of topics to be covered will be posted here next week.

  • 11/30/18: A new homework, HW5.pdf, has been posted. It is due Sunday Dec 9 (no late assignments will be accepted for any reason).

  • 11/29/18: HW4-Update1.pdf has been updated with some more answers to common questions.

  • 11/26/18: HW4-Update1.pdf has answers to a few questions I have been asked about the homework.

  • 11/19/18: HW4.pdf posted with associated data in HW4-Data, due Dec 3. It is heavily based on the Back Propagation handout. See also the text (Chapter 11).

  • 11/13/18: Answers to Quiz 4 were posted, and updated today. (Some earlier answers were incorrect.)

  • 11/11/18: Office hours modification this week: Tatiana's Monday office hours are 9-11am on 11/12, cancelled on Monday 11/19.

  • 11/11/18: Reminder: Midterm 2 is in class on Wednesday November 14.

  • 10/31/18: HW3.pdf posted with associated data in HW3-Data, due Nov 9.

  • 10/22/18: By popular demand: HW2 extended, now due Friday Oct 26.

  • 10/15/18: Office hours modification this week: Friday 12-1 office hours will be with Boley in Keller 6-209. Monday morning office hours will be extended 9-11am by Lenskaia. Other office hours will be held as usual.

  • 10/02/18: hw1-solutions.pdf and a classify.m sample Matlab code for the last problem are available.

  • 09/27/18: Reminder: Midterm 1 is in class on Wednesday October 3 (next week). A sample old test has been posted here.

  • 09/13/18: Office Hours update:
    • Daniel Boley: TTh 4-5pm (after class)
    • Xinyan Li: TTh 1-2pm (but not next week (Sept 18-20)
    • Tatiana Lenskaia: M 10-11, F 12-1

  • 09/12/18: Office Hours have been updated (see syllabus) - change effective this Friday.

  • 09/07/18: If you signed the attendance sheet last Wednesday, you should have received a permission number by now. For any others, if you still seek to enroll, please come to Monday's class and speak to me afterwards. I should know by then how many spaces are left.

  • 09/07/18: Office Hour times have been added to the syllabus

  • 09/07/18: After counting attendance at the first class meeting, I found there was space for all who signed the attendance list. You should be receiving a permission number soon, as the office clears its backlog of such requests.

  • 09/04/18: Regardless of whether you are already registered for this class, you should come to the first class meeting on 9/5/18 and sign the attendance list. It is expected most people who wish to join this class will be able to do so, but it depends on the attendance.

  • 08/28/18: This web site is still under construction.

  • 08/28/18: Important Announcements for the whole class will appear here, most recent first.